Madeleine Eiche
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PA Dutch for Biden/Harris 

Build covered bridges, not walls.

5” round, vinyl window sticker.
Free—email with your name & USA postal address.

My family’s Pennsylvania Deutsch ancestors settled in 1735, 8 generations ago. My maternal grandfather became the first in our family to learn English when he was 10 years old—some 200 years later (a reminder to fellow Pennsy Dutchfolk of our once-immigrant status, having come to the US from Germany to escape religious persecution in Europe). Poppy spoke Dutch his whole 90 years of life with neighboring farmers, friends & family and our values, traditions—and accents!—have remained strong. Voting blue this November is crucial: Pennsylvania has been a swing state in presidential elections since the 1950s, as well as Ohio where many PA Dutch also reside. Raised in this place, brought up with love & respect for each another and our earth—Pennsylvania and Ohio, you know what to do. I made these stickers for us. Chust holler to get one before they’re all.

An 8-pointed star symbolizes abundance and goodwill. Tulips represent faith & trust in mankind, rosettes are good luck, and hearts bring love & happiness.

Register to vote in Pennsylvania (or any state) at

Wash & dry your car window before application. Also works on the bumper, but mind the paint chipping. Printed in the USA and proudly mailed to you via The United States Postal Service.